2pcs USB3.1 Type C Cell Phone Electric Fan Cooling Cooler for

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2pcs USB3.1 Type C Portable Cell Phone Mini Electric Fan Cooling Cooler for Huawei P9 for Samsung S8 for Samsung Note7 for LeTV mobile phone

Light weight and mini size, easy to carry
Plug and play,easy to use
Soft Wings, safe to kids
Super strong wind, ultra silent blowing
TPE environmental protection material
Motor revolutions 16000 turn and can work continuously more than 100 hours
Super power-saving, it can last 6~7 hours.

Quantity: 2 pcs
Material: TPE, Plastic
Type C power interface
Size: Approx. 88*36*15mm
Voltage: 5 V
Rated power: 1 W
Current: 80 mA
The motor speed: 16000 Rpm
Color: Black / White / Blue / Green / Orange / Rose Red (The color will be sent by random)

The mobile phones and other accessories in pictures are NOT included.


2 X Mini Phone Electric Fan (The color will be sent by random)

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