80Pcs Painting Watercolor Oil Brush

Giá: ₫399.852
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Product description
Length of Brushes:
Paint Brush Set Contains 10 Sizes

Splendid Quality:
The nylon hair of the brushes is constructed seamlessly with the rust-free & anti-split nickel ferrules.
The hair won’t loosen or come off when you are creating your artwork.

Anti-shedding Bristles:
Firm bristles and sturdy wooden handles allow for smooth strokes,
making the brushes work great at painting detailed areas.

Easy Maintenance:
High quality synthetic brush hairs stay soft and flexible after cleaning;
Gently cleanse the brushes with warm soapy water and rinse them; With proper maintenance,
the brushes will hold their shape and allow for long time of use.

Package Contents:
80 Pcs Paint Brush