8set 16 pairs Cartoon Baking Biscuit Mould Cookie Cutter 3D DIY Tools Clay Plunger

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8 set 16 pairs include: Hello Kitty, Mickey&Minnie, Pooh&Tigger , Squirrel, Sheep&Red Hat, Doraemon, Miffy Rabbit, love + stars ,

[Specifications] about 5.8 * 5.2 * 2.5cm
[Material] food grade ABS plastic high temperature 70 degrees
A group of 2 into
Cookies can be engraved into a lifelike expression of the three-dimensional cookie mold oh ~
Specifically, the first is to roll the biscuit dough first, with the outer frame out of the overall shape, and then use the pressure die, out of facial features and facial expressions, super cute Oh ~ can not be placed in the oven.

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